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Where On Earth Do You Want To Go?

Whenever anyone asks me that question, my first response is “Anywhere!” I LOVE to travel and I will go just about anywhere in the world if given the chance.  I love to visit new places, do new and different things, meet new people, and travel is the way to do all that at once.

As a child, I was always the one with the map in the back seat telling Dad what street was next and how many blocks until he had to turn. I LOVE maps and I have a natural affinity for reading them, drawing them, and now making them online. If I drive someplace, I can get back and I rarely get totally lost because I have a great sense of direction and I can always at least figure out that I’m heading in the wrong direction and eventually find the right road, especially if I have a map!

I also love people so when I got a chance to work for AAA helping people plan trips, make routing maps, and find great places to visit on the way and after they arrived, I grabbed it. I worked there for three years and, by the time I retired last November, I had my own following – members who would come in and ask for me because they loved the way I spent so much time helping them find the best (and least expensive) hotels, the most unique spots and attractions (did you know that there is a Jello museum in upstate New York?), and the most scenic (if they’re not in a hurry) or the fastest (if they are) route to wherever they want to go.

Now, I am my own boss and have opened up my own Travel Consulting business named – guess?  Susan Bowman Travel Agency! Clever huh? I toyed around with different names but decided that familiarity is the way to go.







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